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How to untwitch a video?

Hello and welcome. Here's a few instructions on how our Twitch video downloader works. By now you've probably realized our site is not a twitch remedy. We are as addicted to watching and doing our own twitch live streams as the next group of fulltime gamers. No.. Our site helps you untwitch, a.k.a. download twitch videos, instead of watching them online over and over. And so we've come up with this website - the only website that claims to download twitch videos and clips and actually does it! Because you know it! None of them websites that claim they do twitch videos actually do do them.. Best you get is some m3u8 file, ok, let's not go there.. On our site you can actually download twitch videos, different formats and sizes, if available. You can also adjust start and end of the video broadcast to download a smaller portion of the video. It is as easy as 1-2-3-4.

1 - Twitch a Video

2 - Copy Video Link

3 - Bring Link Here

4 - Untwitch Video

How to untwitch a clip?

To download a clip from platform, all you need is the URL link of the page with the video clip. Copy the link, visit Untwitch and proceed to insert the URL into our Twitch Clip downloader. We will scan the clip and offer you several options to download the video file to your device. Then you can share it on other social networks, edit, insert into your YouTube report, etc.

1 - Twitch a Clip

2 - Copy Clip URL

3 - Paste URL Here

4 - Untwitch Clip

How to copy Twitch Video Link?

To copy video link, first you need to open that video in some browser. Video in its own page, so that it is streaming, playing. Or you can do it from the video grid, the list of videos. Do not copy video link from google or other website - they maybe misleading sometimes. Always open and locate video there. Once in viewing mode, you can right-click on browser address bar and in the menu select Copy. Or you can tap video Share button, and in the menu find Copy Link icon to copy video link into your device clipboard. In case of list of videos, you can always right click on any video and select Copy Link in the menu. Now hurry up and untwitch this video - paste link into the box above and click button on the right. Here's a small diagram to help you remember this.. 😍😍

1 - From browser address bar

2 - Share - Copy to Clipboard

3 - Right-click in video list

4 - Tap and Hold if mobile

How to convert Twitch video to mp3?

Yes, sometimes we want to listen to our favorite funny gamers do their thing and mumble jokes... Maybe it helps us calm down, not sure.. But in any case we have also thought of this, and here we have the twitch video to mp3 converter. It isn't much, it will only work for videos shorter than 30 minutes, it cannot yet accept start and end parameters, so... Enjoy! It does work for twitch clip to mp3 conversion needs... Clips are always short, so try it out. Twitch video can be easily 10-20hrs long, converting those long ones to mp3 doesn't really make sense... Unless Twitch was live streaming some end-world-hunger process reports or something.. Ha.. Ha.. Otherwise all we can do is download Twitch videos, and also convert to YouTube to Mp3.

More about

This site was born out of a need, and now look at us, we are strong and ready to help our fellow twitchers to untwitch and get on with their lives without too much of data transfered in the process. We have also thought 20hr videos may not always be what you're looking for, so don't forget to adjust start and end of the video stream to download. Our system will always offer to download about 1hr long chunk from the start of the video, if said video is much longer than 1hr. Do not be surprised. This is done to avoid timeouts and broken downloads.

Also we cannot provide exact filesizes for the downloaded data, doing so would require multiple additional servers that would scan 100s of small files, so.. no, we can only offer estimated file sizes.. That said, always check with the info online to see how much of a download to expect. 1hr or shorter videos may have an exact size listed, 1hr can be as much as 300-500 files involved in the stream... We will write more about it in the blog.

Questions? How about these answers?

We do get emails all the time asking this and that.. Mostly to put up ads here.. We don't want that, so.. Don't contact! But honestly, if you have a question, check out these most asked ones that we made our answers public to. Cause it's faster than answering all the time.. But if this here doesn't satisfy your thirst of knowledge, there's an email below...

Q: Why video downloaded 1hr long, while shows 16hrs online?

A: Maybe you forgot to adjust start/end time before submitting download request?

As a precaution not to overload the servers, we do this preemptively... But you can always adjust start and end before download begins. Just watch out for the 2 white boxes with numbers next to download button. If such boxes are not present, video is not longer than 1 minute.. Or it's a clip. Clips are short.. We do not offer partial clip downloads.

Q: Why clips play/stream, but download won't start?

A: Right-Click on the download link, select Save Link As. Tap & Hold on mobile.

Also there's a download link built-in to standard html video player. Simply find the vertical tri-dot symbol, it's the menu, it always has download button. ..

Contact us if you still have questions

Talk to our great support team.. We are the team, LOL but still.. Here's the email to get in touch with